The Motel Dances

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Date(s) - Saturday November 10, 2018
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Rocket Inn, 605 N. Date Street, Truth or Consequences

Contact: Cydney Wilkes

The Motel Dances is a site-specific performance taking place in and around Rocket Inn.
Choreography by Cydney Wilkes and Mike Barber with appearance by Jeannie Ortiz.
Music by Heather Perkins.

On-street parking only.

Additional funding from Sierra County Arts Council.

We are Mike, Cydney and Heather and we’ve been co-creating dance works for over 15 years in Portland and TorC. The Motel Dances started as a dream many years ago. Mike’s father was a traveling salesman, and each town was a new adventure. What will the new motel room be like? Beds to jump on, walkways to run down. Always being the first to open the door, Mike would eagerly burst into the new room with anticipation.

Our new collaboration offers a version of this kind of excitement. As travel creates a liminal space, lodging is not really home, but a kind of home with new sensations.

Using classic elements of travel, like suitcases and ice buckets, we present a site-specific dance work in and around a vintage motel. The audience is seated in the center of the action, and the piece unfolds with whimsical and witty embodiment of dance.

Cost: donation: $10 to $15
The Motel Dances
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