Nolan Winkler and Raul Dorn Show

Date(s) - Thursday March 28, 2024
12:00 am - 5:00 am

RioBravoFineArt, Inc., 110 N Broadway St, Truth Or Consequences

Contact: Eduardo Alicea
RioBravoFineArt, Inc.

RioBravoFineArt at 110 North Broadway, Truth or Consequences, NM, presents a combined artists show by two uniquely New Mexican artists, Nolan Winkler and Raul Dorn, opening on Saturday, February 10, 2024, from 6 to 9 pm. The show runs through April 21, 2024.

Winkler, whose studio is in the former mining town of Hillsboro, New Mexico is a longtime regular artist at RioBravoFineArt. She has a distinctive style with an energetic use of color, graphic elements in abstract patterns, and, sometimes, a hint of a representational element. To Winkler, it is important that the viewer know that “these pieces reflect emotions, ideas, dreams…that we all share.” For this joint show, Winkler has chosen the title of The Dance Begins for her pieces.

Dorn has a long and varied career in the arts. His experiences in the art world include performance art, song writing, musical performance, media programming, and the visual arts, both teaching and creating. He has recently worked with the Seattle band Thorne and is currently the vocalist of the electronica duo Sister Black Lagoon. He shows in several regional galleries and is represented online by the international art site Saatchi. The acrylic and oil paintings by Dorn in this RioBravoFineArt show are from The Lustrate Series created over the last three years. The pieces in this series are an intensely personal representation of the artist and his approach to his art.

This February show for combined artists is an opportunity to compare the styles of two different artists while gaining an enhanced understanding of the distinctive characteristics of each one. As Winkler has noted on this show, Dorn’s “bold abstractions will go well alongside my strong, but quieter abstract works.”

Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun 12 – 5:00 pm & by appointment
Open from 6 – 9 pm During The Second Saturday Of Each Month For Art Hop

Cost: Free
Nolan Winkler and Raul Dorn Show
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