Native Flute with Barbara Aguila Morrow

Date(s) - Saturday September 14, 2019
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

Riverbend Hot Springs, 100 Austin, Truth or Consequences

Contact: Riverbend Hot Springs

What: Original Native Flute with Barbara Aguila Morrow
Where: Riverbend Hot Springs on the River Pier
When: Saturday 9/14/2019 7:00 PM to 7:45ish
Who: Adults and Children ages 12 or older
Cost: $12/person/hour Property Pass: Access to Common Hot Springs Pools, Sauna, Grounds. Overnight Guests: FREE

Apache Indian groups, to avoid going into reservations, settled in the mountains of northern Chihuahua, Mexico where the Tarahumara dwell. There were intermarriages and children born of those unions.

I am a native New Mexican of Apache-Tarahumara-Hispanic descent; I was born in Lordsburg and grew up in Las Cruces, NM. My first wind instrument at the age of five/six was my father’s ocarina. It was made of black clay about the size of a large mango. I was fascinated with it. This instilled the desire to learn to play the clarinet (my father listened to Benny Goodman & the Glenn Miller Band, etc.), then I taught myself to play the silver flute.

I was blessed to reside in Alamosa Canyon (Monticello), water source is “Ojo Caliente”, also known as “Warm Springs”. It was home to Victorio, Lozen, Nana, Naiche, Colorado Mangus, and frequented by Geronimo, Cochise and Dahteste. When living there, I strongly connected with my Apacheria heritage.

In early 2016, I began experiencing intense promptings to play the Native American flute. It was as if an inner ember had been fired up by the Great Holy Spirit wind. One of the 1st songs given me by our Creator was a prayer/medicine song for one of my daughters going thru a difficult time.

I have asked to be used as a vessel between Our Maker/Creator and the sacred instruments of the Native American Flutes & drum for the healing of the human beings, Soul & Spirit, and Mother Earth.

Barbara (Aguila) Morrow

Cost: $12
Native Flute with Barbara Aguila Morrow
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