La Vieja is Back! Community Healing Project

Date(s) - Friday November 29, 2019 - Monday December 2, 2019
3:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Contact: Wendy Tremayne
Wendy (at sign)

La Vieja is back marking a successful community art project that has blossomed into an annual event in Truth or Consequences, NM. On Black Friday, November 29th, a new 2019/20 La Vieja takes her seat in the women’s restroom at the Truth or Consequences Brewing Co where she will spend a number of weeks collecting the emotional waste, wishes, and dreams of those who encounter her before being burned January 24th by a community ceremony at Rotary Park in Truth or Consequences.

 Release, a VERB – 1. allow or enable to escape. 

One of the most courageous things you can do is release what is hurting 

your HEART and SOUL.”

Backstory – Upon the opening of the Truth or Consequences Brewing Company a group of women who live in Truth or Consequences came together under the name Brewery Bathroom Babes (B3) to curate the women’s bathroom into an evolving art project with participatory themes that change every 3 to 6 months. In winter of 2017, B3 created La Veija, “the old one,” a near life sized cloth doll meticulously constructed to withstand the pining of messages women were invited to attach to her. A basket of tokens: stones, feathers, bookmarks, inexpensive jewelry, words of wisdom, were left – by women for women – with the understanding that as something is released there is a vacancy in the soul that needs to be filled. The tokens represent the exchange well after it has been made.  


La Vieja is Back! Community Healing Project
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