Emerging Entities – Radioactive Glowboxes

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Date(s) - Saturday May 10, 2014
All Day

Hundredth Monkey Gallery, 324 N. Broadway, Truth or Consequences

Contact: Reed | Hundredth Monkey Gallery

Emerging Entities & Radioactive Glowboxes…

…an opening reception featuring two series by mixed media artist Reed Griffin Rische at Hundredth Monkey Gallery during the May 10th “Art Hop” in Truth or Consequences, NM 6pm – 9pm. Live music and refreshments will be provided as well as an unveiling of the two simultaneous shows which will be on display through June 14th.

Hundredth Monkey Gallery
324 Broadway
Truth or Consequences, NM 87901
open Tues, Thurs, Fri, & Sat 10am – 3pm

Radioactive Glowboxes are colorfully lit found object sculptures constructed of old computer parts, stereos, and other disassembled electronics and household objects combined with an imaginative sci-fi edge. This “green” construction makes them environmentally sound and encourages the theory that when creating beauty in our world we sometimes needn’t look any further than our alleyway dumpsters and dusty old attics. The finished product becomes sleek in design, vibrant in color, and implies cutting edge technology. Step into the “Darkroom” to view these eerie yet vibrant displays.

Emerging Entities is a series of acrylic paintings featuring light, dark, color, and a dream-like interpretation of life and world around us. The secret to these paintings are not the striking images and familiar yet anonymous characters, but in the process itself. The abstract backgrounds are created first with almost no specific vision in mind, but as accidental shapes and pictures begin to appear, they are encouraged and forged into more vivid illustrations. These are the emerging entities themselves and are subconscious manifestations of hidden memories, desires, thoughts, reactions, and even the dormant souls of inanimate objects.

The two shows are tied together in juxtaposition under the concept that all things in the universe are connected by the cycle of energy and consciousness: living beings with the spirit world, technology with nature, the tangible with the intangible, and everything between.

Reed Griffin Rische is an artist, designer, muralist, sign painter, musician, curator, and promoter living locally in T or C but originally hailing from a small town outside of Chicago, IL. After organizing many group shows in Chicago and one here in T or C (ArtNerd Exhibition), this will be his second solo show.
Based out of Hundredth Monkey Gallery in the downtown Hot Springs district, Rische works in many different media including ink, watercolor, acrylic, collage, sculpture, computer graphics, photography, and almost any combination thereof. His work has transformed over the years and has transcended countless genres, styles, and concepts. Inspired by Sci-Fi, comic books, graffiti, surrealism, expressionism, and counterculture; there is a versatile and eclectic aesthetic in his work.
Rische also lives and works at Starry Night Retreat, a multidisciplinary artist residency in T or C, hosts an open mic at a local coffee shop, and writes, records, and performs many of his own songs.

Emerging Entities - Radioactive Glowboxes