Chanting, Chakra Toning & Sound Bath

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Date(s) - Sunday April 15, 2018
3:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Emergence Healing & Expressive Arts Center, 134 N. Broadway Street, Truth or Consequences

Contact: Shayna
Mothership Yoga Lounge

Please join us for a magical afternoon of kirtan (call-and-response chanting) with Shayna from the Mothership Yoga Lounge, followed by a chakra toning and healing sound bath guided by Emergence co-founder Chris Slate. No experience is necessary and all are welcome. There is no charge for this event – just bring your voices and your open hearts!

Doors will open at 3:45pm. Please arrive on time and enter through the side gate on Mims Street. Feel free to bring a comfortable cushion to sit on.

Why do we chant divine names? Says kirtan wallah Krishna Das:
“These names carry the essence of love. These mantras come from a deeper place than the mind. They’re not conceptual. They have a meaning that’s revealed from within, as you repeat them, over and over.”

Chakra Toning — Seven Crystal Singing Bowls with seven tones representing each chakra will be played, moving from root to crown. We open our voice and tone to the pure frequency of the singing bowls, inviting coherency in each of our energy centers and integration throughout our body. As we each come into coherency within, we create a larger coherent field, a container to hold us and bring us into deeper healing.

Sound Bath — Singing Bowls, Didgeridoo, Monochord, Gubal, Harmonium and more are combined to create soundscapes for diving deep within to explore the mystery of our healing potential. Harmonics will revolve around different forms of the “perfect fifth”, a pleasant, soothing, archetypal frequency that brings balance and integration into our nervous system and activates our innate, healing intelligence.

Cost: free
Chanting, Chakra Toning & Sound Bath
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