Catfish Tournament

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Date(s) - Saturday May 19, 2018
7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Elephant Butte Lake State Park, Highway 195, Elephant Butte

Contact: Bob Owen
Butte Marine

Register on Friday evening before the tournament.  

Weigh-in will be at 3pm Saturday followed by a short awards ceremony.

Two man teams; $50 cash per team (folding money); register in person at Butte General Store & Marine. Registration closes at close of business (around 8pm) on the night before the tournament begins.

  1. All fishing is regulated to Elephant Butte Lake, NM.
  2. This is a team event. Team consists of one or two persons.  At least one member must be 18 yrs old, or older.
  3. Shore bound teams are asked to respect each other’s space. Fish a respectable distance from each other.
  4. Two rod limit per person in boat or on shore. Spare rods can be carried, only 2 lines in the water.
  5. Registration is in person at Butte General Store & Marine. Must be done by end of business on Friday April 28th.
  6. Boats and shore fishermen must gather at the weigh in area and check in by 7am on Saturday morning. Must wait until horn sounds around 7am sharp…
  7. No fishing in or around the Marinas or associated breakwaters or tires. Always respect each other’s space. Boats are required to not invade each other’s spots… 50 yards is a good rule of thumb…
  8. All fish weighed in must be caught on Rod & Reel only.
  9. No Catfish are to be taken by trot, jug or limb line.
  10. All fishermen must comply with state fishing and boating regulations. Those include the use of PFDs and kill switches.  Fishing licenses and boating registration are required and the responsibility of the team members.
  11. Any legal commercial or natural bait will be allowed.
  12. No chumming of any type is allowed before the start of the tournament.
  13. Any and all species of Catfish may be weighed in.
  14. A team limit of 5 fish maximum must be alive to weigh in. So catch as many as you can (up to the limit of 15).  Bring us your 5 largest.
  15. All fish weighed in must be released or processed by the angler.  You cannot leave your fish at the weigh in.  So have a plan.
  16. In case of a tie for a qualifying team. The team with the biggest fish will win.
  17. If a tie still exists, a coin flip conducted by the weigh master will decide any prizes to be awarded.
  18. The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during the tournament.
  19. No pre fishing within 24 hours of the tournament. You can be on the lake to catch bait. But no catfishing within 24 hours of the start of the tournament.
  20. Kill switch and PFDs must be used at all times that the main motor is in operation. That’s just common sense…
  21. You may launch anywhere that you like. You however must be present at the weighing location to check in before 7 am.
  22. All teams must check in at the weigh in location by 3 pm with their catch in their possession.
  23. We are trying to send a good conservation message and promote the image of fishing at Elephant Butte to the public and see this tournament as a way to promote stewardship for God’s creation. It is highly advisable to use some sort of livewell system in your boat to insure that all catfish arrive and/or released in the best possible condition.
  24. This tournament is being sponsored and promoted in the spirit of sportsmanship and good will. We ask that you do not cause any one else to have a reason to complain.  Follow the rules; help your neighbor / competitor when possible.  Take the opportunity to teach your kids (if you are lucky enough to have them for a partner) the values of good sportsmanship.  If you just gotta protest something, you must protest in writing to the tournament directors within 30 minutes after the weigh in.  The decision of the tournament directors and or appointed rules committee will be final.
  25. Unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for disqualification and/or being banned from future tournaments…
  26. NO fishing guides or professional fishermen… This is to level the field…
  27. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason…


$1000 Bass Pro/ Cabelas gift card for first place (from Butte Gen. Store & Marine)
$500 Bass Pro/ Cabelas gift card for second place (from Butte Gen. Store & Marine)
$250 Bass Pro / Cabelas gift card for third place (from Butte Gen. Store & Marine)
$1000 Bass Pro/ Cabelas gift card for the highest placing Tracker Brand boat (from Tracker Boats)

Catfish Tournament
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