An Artisanal Tour Of Sierra County

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Date(s) - Saturday April 12, 2014 - Sunday April 13, 2014
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Contact: Dimid Hayes
Artisanal Tours

A brief but rich weekend tour of some of the most original and creative people in the Southwest is designed to give you and a small group of people an intimate visit into the studios and farms of Sierra County’s most interesting folks. This first tour will be a prototype for future tours and so we are asking for a donation of $50-100/person (sliding scale). You’ll receive a 10% discount at participating food venues.

The tours will be in the mornings only, allowing plenty of time for afternoon and evening relaxation in our mineral rich healing waters. There’s also time for shopping and strolling at our many book, second-hand, collectible and gift shops and museums.

The tour group will be no larger than 10-12 people offering a close-up and personal experience with the venue hosts as they each share their Craft, Creations, and Passions.

Delmas Howe
An American Painter and muralist whose figurative work depicts mythological and archetypal – sometimes homo-heroic – themes in a neoclassical, realist style . After graduation from high school in Truth or Consequenes, he progressed through undergraduate work at Wichita State University, then four years in the US Air Force, a move to the East Coast, graduate work at Yale University and several years of classes in NYC at the Art Students League of New York while working as a professional musician. After a return to the West and a successful design studio in Amarillo, Texas he returned to Truth or Consequences. His work is in the collections of a number of museums including the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History where his important transitional painting “The Three Graces” is on permanent display.

Mikey Sklar and Wendy Tremayne
Wendy Jehanara Tremayne and Mikey Sklar ditched their careers and high-pressure life in New York City and moved to Truth or Consequences where they have made, built, invented, foraged and grew all they needed to live self-sufficiently. Guided by pledges they made–to live a life less reliant on money, to make what they need (iinstead of buy), to make their goods from waste and nature, and to seek abundance rather than wealth they were led to their credo: “when the whole world is for sale, the maker of things is the revolutionary of the age.” This is the premise of a book Wendy authored. The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living (Storey 2013) detailing their journey. Today the couple’s off-the-grid homestead is the life lab where they make biodiesel, ferment food and beverages, make herbal medicines, explore sustainable building techniques and design, and home manufacture open source hardware.

A Publishers Weekly critic commented that their book was effective in “bringing the back-to-the-land genre up to date with impressive sophistication and appeal.” Practical, contemplative and action oriented, The Good Life Lab has been called a manual for life in a post -consumer age.

Jardin del Alma
Joshua and LaLynn Cravenock are two of the most original people we have ever met. They’ve worked hard to create a home and organic farm where they grow heirloom vegetable and flower seed stock, protect the ancient sites of previous dwellers, care for Churro Sheep and Angora Bunnies–carding, spinning, weaving, and felting the fibers these animals produce into works of exceptional art and utility. Joshua is a font of deep land wisdom and LaLynn trails beauty where ever she walks. They make natural medicines and salves, fermented beverages, preserves, meades, copper jewelry, blacksmithing, hand-made drums, felted slippers, rugs and wall hangings—along with making beautiful music.

Old Monticello Organic Farms, New Mexico
Jane and Steve Darland make America’s only traditional style, organic, barrel-aged balsamic vinegar–now in its 17th year of aging in over 60 imported Italian casks, each made from one of seven different woods. Recent acclaim has come from Edible/Santa Fe, Saveur, Sunset and New Mexico magazines, the Wall Street Journal, and notably highlighted on Ruth Reichi’s blog. The Darland’s certified organic farm in Monticello, where they grow their balsamic grapes, also is their growing center of unique fruit, vegetable and herb/flowers for T or C’s Farmer’s Market. Among the many products they produce (beyond traditional and a lower cost condiment balsamic) are aromatherapy and health/beauty products; harissa, salsa, jams & jellies, guilts, pillows and jewelry. The morning will include a tour of the acetaia (vinegar loft), aging casks, vineyards and farm–and taste a rare and surprising true balsamic: a rare treat indeed.
Monticello, NM is an Old West ‘ghost town’ dating to the 18th Century and is considered one of the most intact colonial Spanish villages in the Southwest.

Also, under “Lodgings” below, look for the Darlands’ two adobe casitas for short-term rentals for this weekend.
(Trips to Monticello will end at noon to allow for an add-on lunch at the Darlands’ Monticello store: lunch will feature delicious local, organic dishes prepared in a certified kitchen.)

These Participating Partners will be offering a 10% discount for food. All are located in the downtown Historical Hot Springs District, walk-able to everything else. Upon arrival on Friday, the 11th of April, you’ll receive a coupon for meal discounts.

Passion Pie: Pastries and Coffees, breakfast and lunches
Latitude 33: Asian Fusion, lunch and dinners
BellaLuca: Italian, lunch and dinners
El Faro: Mexican/American, breakfast, lunch and dinners

To save your spot on the tour, please call 505-660-2212. Space is limited.

Cost: $50-100 per person
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