Access Consciousness Bars Class

Date(s) - Tuesday May 28, 2019
9:30 am - 5:30 pm

La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa, 311 Marr, Truth or Consequences

Contact: Jeannie Nichols

Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives.  People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more….

Do you remember the last moment in your life when you were totally relaxed and nurtured and cared for? Or has it been a little too long since you received healing and kindness without any judgment of your body or your being?

Did you know there are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive?  These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and considerations that you have stored in any lifetime. This is an opportunity for you to let go of everything!

In this  one day, hands on class, you will learn the 32 points on the head, receive 2 Bars Sessions and gift 2 Bars Sessions.

Cost: $350 - 1/2 price for repeat students
Access Consciousness Bars Class
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