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Date(s) - Saturday September 22, 2018
11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Contact: T or C Brewing

Join TorC Brewing Company and Me Gusta World Street Food for a unique “Ok-Tub-erfest” celebration on September 22, 2018 from noon until closing.

“Oktuberfest celebrates many things that we love about Truth or Consequences including our hot springs, beer, food, music and just taking it easy, also known as ‘Dudeism’ from The Big Lebowski,” said John Masterson, Head Brewer at TorC Brewing Company. “We’re having fun playing with the overlap between T or C’s spa, beer  and food culture and traditional German Oktoberfest themes.”

The event kicks off at noon on September 22, 2018 with a Big Lebowski-themed parade down the alley behind TorC Brewing Company, ending at the beer garden in front of Me Gusta World Street Food. The parade will be followed by an afternoon/evening of yard games, ping pong, costume contests, impromptu talent show exhibitions, live music, great food from Me Gusta, and great beer from Truth or Consequences Brewing Company.

The Big Lebowski theme coincides with the 20th anniversary of the cult-film’s release, and also celebrates Me Gusta World Street Food’s 1 year anniversary of their partnership providing food for patrons of TorC Brewing Company.

“There’s no better to place to celebrate ‘Dudeism’ than TorC, where people regularly ‘just take it easy man’ and walk around town in bathrobes after a soothing hotsprings soak,” said Me Gusta Head Chef Jasna Brown. “We’re paying homage to everyone’s inner Dude, and to the El Duderino culture of the city of Truth or Consequences itself.”

An afternoon of beer garden festivities will be followed by an evening of live music and announcements of costume/talent contest winners, along with more great beer, food and Dudeness.

TorC Brewing Company will feature two special new release German style beers: Dunkelweiss and Festbier.

The Big Lebowski parade begins at noon starting at the Dude Motel on Broadway in TorC. Parade participants need to arrive in costume at the Dude Motel between 10am and 11am. For more info about the parade and the event visit www.oktuberfest.torc.beer

The venue for the event, 410 N Broadway, is within walking distance of 12 hotsprings hotel/spas, many hot spring airbnbs, and several RV parks – visit www.sierracountynewmexico.info/attractions/truth-or-consequences-hot-springs/ to book your room before it’s too late!

Cost: Free
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